LOG-IC 360

 Revolutionize Your Cold Chain®

LOG-IC® 360 Bluetooth Electronic Data Loggers are reliable, easy-to-use and exceptionally accurate. You can track temperature without disrupting your supply chain by opening a box, truck or shipping container.

 LOG-IC 360 BT is programmable with up to 4 alarms and is scalable for temperature and humidity. Using a Bluetooth enabled device, you can easily retrieve your temperature and humidity data to view within ATI’s DataNow™ Cloud Service.


LOG-IC 360 BT provides clear results through an LCD screen for high, low and average temperatures. If an excursion occurs, you will know when and how long your product was outside the acceptable temperature and humidity ranges. Your temperature data is then automatically uploaded to the ATI DataNow Cloud where details are accessible 24/7.


Many regulations have been set or modified over the past 10 years as it pertains to temperature and the monitoring of goods throughout the cold chain. LOG-IC 360 BT can help verify compliance from the beginning to the very end of your distribution channel, sharing critical temperature and humidity data with key decisionmakers.


Temperature excursions happen; LOG-IC 360 BT provides the information you need to decide what to do when they happen. You have the ability to identify where and when excursions occur, troubleshoot potential problem areas in your supply chain and take action to reduce future risk. Depend on LOG-IC 360 BT for accurate temperature and humidity readings along with safe and secure data retrieval and storage.