About Us

MedabIo Supplier of Chemistry and Biotechnology Products

Company Profile

Since its establishment, MEDABIO has been carrying out the import, export, logistics and sales services of the world’s major medical and Biotechnology products, mainly European countries. It continues its activities with its dynamic and experienced expert staff, quality understanding, business ethics and social responsibility awareness, open to change and development.
MEDABIO has added new values to its products and services by renewing itself every day. It has brought the products of leading companies of Germany and Europe to our country thanks to our German representation.
Years of Experience

Our Quality Policy

In order for our company to reach its goals by taking into account the total quality philosophy in team spirit;

Our business processes will be reviewed with the process, to determine preventive approaches by improving the performance of our employees,

Increasing efficiency in all our processes with an approach that adopts continuous innovation as a principle,

We are an institution that works with all our dignity to be an exemplary organization in the realization of trainings that will increase the technical and behavioral competencies of our employees.

Our Strategy

Our company continues by adopting the principle of international standard, to provide the highest level of service with world brands.
MEDABIO is an organization that serves science in a respectable manner with its innovative, permanent and principled stance. It contributes to our country by offering quality and innovative products of the world’s leading companies in biotechnology and laboratory products to its valued customers. It provides all these works by considering the happiness of its employees and giving importance to team spirit.
MEDABIO will move forward to become a pioneering company appreciated by international quality organizations, open to innovation with its modern management and always preferred by its valued customers.