DataNow Cloud Services

Hybrid Indicator Labels and DataNOW™ Cloud Services

Cloud-Based Access to Temperature Monitoring

ATI’s ascending and descending hybrid indicator labels show if the temperature rises above or falls below a certain temperature range. Each label has a unique indentifier in the form of a QR code. With this code, a simple scan using a smart phone or tablet will generate information about temperature exposure including a timestamp, location, image of the indicator and excursion status. This information can easily be uploaded to ATI’s DataNOW™ cloud for quality assurance and management review.

ATI’s DataNOW™ service gives real-time access to cloud-based technology to view and share temperature records.

With the DataNOW™ cloud service, you gain immediate access to vital temperature data within your cold chain. Advantages include secure 24/7 service, charts, reports and instant access by any authorized user, anywhere in the world. The easy-to-use interface allows you to view, download and analyze your data in various formats. The technology platform allows quick access to reports that accurately identify and share any compromise in temperature. There is no longer a need for physical retainsdigital copies are now stored within your cloud.

Review and communicate in real-time. Time is of the essence when product is exposed to a temperature outside your specified range