(+)-Abscisic Acid

(+)-Abscisic Acid

* Size: 1 mg


(+)-Abscisic Acid is a small molecule isolated from fermentation. Abscisic acid is a naturally occurring plant hormone and gene regulator. It functions to regulate plant growth, more specifically having an effect on several physiological mechanisms including seed dormancy, leaf abscission, stomatal movement, and plant stress responses. This is the active isoform and is ultrapure. Soluble in ethanol or DMSO.

Target (+)-Abscisic Acid
Origin Bacteria
Form Solid
Purity 0.995
Storage Store at -20 °C.
Molecular Weight 264.32 g/mol
Molecular Formula C15H20O4
Buffer Not applicable.
CAS Number 21293-29-8
SMILES [C@@]1(O)(C(CC(=O)C=C1C)(C)C)\C=C\C(=C/C(=O)O)C
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