Collection of plants, fungi, insects samples

Collection of plants, fungi, insects samples

DNA-free card for higher accuracy of the results
High quality STR profiling and NGS studies
Direct-multiplex PCR and Quantitative PCR
Long-term storage and transportation of samples at ambient temperature


Simple collection, transportation and ambient-temperature storage of plants, fungi, insects, and parasites.
LeafSaver collection card is designed to capture diverse small Eukaryotic organisms, including plants, fungi, insects, and parasites.

Engineered with a protective cover, LeafSaver allows for live collection and direct application of organisms onto the specialized collection paper, eliminating the need for complex preparations beforehand.

Our collection paper is made from pure cotton material and treated with chemicals to ensure long-term preservation of nucleic acids at ambient temperatures for over two decades.

LeafSaver’s innovative design features four distinct areas, enabling the collection of multiple samples of the same nature or repeated samples of identical specimens (replicates). This not only enhances result accuracy but also facilitates higher quantities of DNA recovery.