Plasma recovery cards

Plasma recovery cards

Low to medium blood volume loading
Fast plasma/serum (hemolysis free) separation
Plasma/serum and RBC preservation at ambient temperature
Customizable and suitable for automated punching equipment


Ahlstrom HemaSep™ is a rapid, easy-to-use and cost-effective device to achieve high yield and purity of plasma/serum from whole blood.
HemaSep™ is available in two formats and their fiber-based technology allows effective separation of different volumes of undiluted whole blood:

  • HemaSep™ Strip card: capable of separating up to 50μL of blood. Once separated and dried, the areas of the device containing plasma/serum can be cut for downstream analysis
  • HemaSep™ Punch card: allowing separation of up to 100μL of blood. The card is suitable for either manual punching or automated punching with robotic equipment