ReliaDisc™ membrane filter

ReliaDisc™ membrane filter

Wide variety of polymers and pore sizes available
High lot-to-lot reliability for consistent filtration quality
Production according to the highest quality standards
Various filter diameters and pack sizes available on demand


Sterile and non-sterile membrane filtration media.
Ahlstrom offers gridded sterile membranes packed individually specifically designed to save time when performing colony counting and microbiological quality control. These cellulose nitrate membranes are available in a 47 and 50 mm ready-to-use standard size and support optimum colony growth. Gridded membrane filters for easy colony counting are also available.

Ahlstrom supplies a wide range of plain white non-sterile microfiltration membranes used to remove particles and microorganisms from various organic solvents and aqueous solutions.

ReliaDisc™ membrane filters are offered in the most popular membrane materials for diverse applications including:

  • Particle retention and collection
  • Sterile filtration of solutions
  • Microbiological applications for cell growth and colony counting
  • Particulate analysis
  • Air monitoring applications
  • Microbiological analysis of potable and waste waters